The "commercial" for Ascension Terminal Wellness:


 "Terminal Wellness"



Dark Romantic Comedy



A uniquely balanced blend of absurdist satire and existential humor wrapped up in a dark romance.



Greg Leibowitz is a recently dumped unsuccessful and underachieving failed app developer who works retail at a chain sex shop where his ex fiance dates his boss openly. He’s broke and severely depressed on countless medications with the only support system being his friend Katy, an older Jesus-obsessed drug addict prostitute that works the customers around the store. Greg decides to exit his dark absurd reality where Artificially “Intelligent” pop culture themed computer avatars have taken the place of politicians, the country is run by AI "President Brandon" whose administration butts against big pharma assisted suicide clinic corporation, “Ascension Terminal Wellness” meanwhile “L.I.V.E.” , an Internet Christian conspiracy theorist group, is rapidly growing in size and morphing into an actual terrorist threat, attacking “Terminal Wellness” centers across America. After a failed suicide attempt at home, Greg seeks the help of the Ascension Terminal Wellness Clinic where he meets offbeat and outspoken Shelley who shares the same suicidal outlook towards society and is seeking the same services to exit it but sparks fly between the two and they are still left with a big decision to make.