Our New "BFF Package"

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          -Pet friendly environment

          - Humane release methods 

          -Free Cremation**

          -Complimentary organic non-GMO treats

          - Hand and paw print keepsake for your

            loved ones


***Some pet insurance accepted please refer to your provider***


Samantha's Story

Samantha Robinson was a 35 year old woman suffering from  major depressive disorder since her early adolescence, a lifetime of medication’s and therapies barely kept her symptoms at bay for years. Out of all the treatments, she found that her dog Jaxxon’s mere presence alleviated the majority of her symptoms. 


After Samantha lost her job, apartment and health insurance she felt she had no more options left, that’s when her psychiatrist recommended Ascension. 


Samantha had reservations at first but once she saw our brand new “Best Friends Forever” package,  “she couldn’t imagine ending her journey any other way.”